By integrating investment and operations, Step is able to optimise operational efficiency and investment returns.


  • Distinct investment platforms, each with a focused business strategy
  • Integration of investment and management functions
  • Maximum alignment between owner and operator


  • Committed capital for a confident and timely transaction process
  • Experienced commercial, legal, technical and tax DD teams in place
  • No reliance on debt financing


  • Operating team customized for the investment platform
  • Institutional grade reporting
  • Operational transparency ensures continual alignment between operator and investor

We believe that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles are crucial to developing strong, resilient hotels that deliver long-term value to investors.We believe that the way we conduct our business has a direct impact on our employees, our guests and our investors.

We are stewards of the hotels we operate.

We firmly believe in our responsibility to manage our portfolio properties professionally, profitably and with care, to realize the full potential of each hotel asset.

We care deeply about the environment, our social responsibility and fair corporate governance.

We believe that enthusiasm and positivity is contagious and noticeable by our guests. We promote open and active communication to resolve issues quickly and thoroughly.

We respect the dignity of the individual human person.

The employee and the guest are at the center of everything that we do. We believe in people first: with equality and dignity for everyone who works for us and every guest that stays with us - no matter what culture, gender, race, color, nationality, age, sexuality, creed, disability, family or parental status.